Karoo Bioscience consists of a tissue-culture laboratory, fully-indoor propagation, nursery and vegetative facilities, multiple large climate-controlled greenhouse rooms and a post-harvest GMP facility that includes pharmaceutical-grade trimming, drying, curing and vault storage areas.

The agricultural (GACP) and manufacturing (GMP) sections are physically distinct and function independently.

Karoo Bioscience Grow Room
Karoo Bioscience

The greatest care is taken to ensure water purity, using Reverse Osmosis technology, and air purity, using HEPA-filtration and pressure cascades.

Karoo Bioscience is solar-powered, with one of the largest containerized batteries in South Africa ensuring uninterrupted electric supply. This is a double game-changer in that production has a low carbon footprint and is immune to any interruptions on the national grid.