Karoo Bioscience is a licensed medicinal cannabis producer located in the Little Karoo, South Africa. Science shapes our production process at every level and a commitment to public health informs our messaging. We embrace our location in the Little Karoo and have invested heavily in renewable energy, with the aim of carbon neutral production.

Karoo Bioscience



Purple hues and vibrant greens bursting with clementine citrus and sweet cinnamon.

Gorilla Glue #4

Legendary varietal with showy flowers which pack a diesel, earthy and piney punch.

Sour OG Cheese

A savoury experience of garlic, parmesan and spices and layered with trichomes.

Lemon Zorilla

Trichome-coated flowers with sour lemon and sherbet scents.

Deadhead Sweet Blom

Densely packed with sweet, fruity, incense and floral notes.

Deadhead Sour Fig

Torpedo-shaped flowers exploding with sour, funky and skunky aromas.



Karoo Bioscience Process


Combining indoor and greenhouse facilities, Karoo Bioscience prioritises water and air quality, bio-security and rigorous adherence to quality standards.

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Karoo Bioscience BuildingKaroo BioscienceKaroo Bioscience Grow Room


Karoo Bioscience is first and foremost a passionate team of people, combining the highest standards of science and engineering with local empowerment and development. All employees, following a year of full-time employment, are shareholders in the company.

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Karoo Bioscience

The Karoo

Karoo Bioscience
Karoo Bioscience

The Karoo is a vast, storied, enchanting semi-desert in South Africa. Karoo Bioscience is located in the Little Karoo, the less dry, less harsh, little sister to the Great Karoo to the north. With abundant water, low humidity and clear skies the Little Karoo is the perfect place to grow cannabis.

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